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JC Barnett

School of

Jump Shooting



Our mission is to equip driven basketball players in the Howard County, Indiana area with a quality jump shot that will take them and their game to the next level.


We also aim to encourage each player through positive reinforcement of their skills and abilities, while giving them the confidence to believe in themselves.


To train basketball players, ages 5 and up, using our unorthodox basketball techniques, theories and methods to improve their jump shooting skills.


We are 100% committed to ensuring our students receive dedicated instruction. We believe one-on-one training creates the type of environment each student needs to personally excel in their jump shooting.

Why jump shooting?
  • There is a lack of quality jump shooters in the area.

  • This area produces lots of atheletes who are strong on the inside, but weak on the outside.

  • A shooter is always in the game!


We offer a wide variety of shooting methods to build, enhance, tweak and improve upon a basketball player's jump shooting.


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Kokomo, Indiana

Thank you for choosing JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting!

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